frequently asked questions

What is Camino Del Rio?

Camino Del Rio is a unique and affordable gated-entry planned community developed with a total commitment to preserving nature's gifts. The community is set on 63 acres of land in central Belize, adjacent to the Caves Branch River.

Where is Camino Del Rio?

Camino Del Rio is located in central Belize, approximately 10 miles outside of Belize’s capital city, Belmopan, and 35 miles away from Belize City and the Caribbean coast.  Bordered by the Caves Branch River on the south and jungle on the surrounding perimeters, Camino Del Rio’s setting offers many natural amenities.

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What about hurricanes?

Our inland location offers shelter from tropical storms.

Why should I buy a home in Belize?

Belize is an ideal vacation or retirement home spot. International Living included Belize in “The World’s Top Retirement Havens in 2007”.  With a lower than average cost of owning a home and easy access from U.S. airports, the country is both convenient and affordable.  English is the official language and a static currency of two Belize dollars to every U.S. dollar, makes the transition from the U.S. to Belize seamless.

With a national commitment to preserving nature, a bounty of beautiful beaches and jungles, ancient Mayan ruins and friendly, welcoming residents, Belize’s unique characteristics and personality are a good fit for travelers of all types.

How far are the beaches from Camino Del Rio? 

Beaches in Belize City, Dangriga and Hopkins are a 45 minute drive, Corazol is a one hour drive and Placencia is a two hour drive.

Where can I launch my boat? 

Within a mile of Camino Del Rio is the Siburn River, south of the Caves Branch.  There, the water is deep enough for a boat.

Can I rent out my Camino Del Rio property? 

Yes, and in the future Camino Del Rio will have a rental unit pool to assist you.


TAREIG, LLC is a Maryland based real estate development and management company. Our focus is on properties in emerging destinations – places in the early stages of development for tourism and residential community living. In addition, the company is creating a network of properties for all members to access including Camino Del Rio and Caribe Island condo on the beach in San Pedro.  For more information, visit

How can I get more information about vacation packages?

For more information about visiting Camino Del Rio and vacation packages, click here to request information.

How can I get more information about purchasing a property at Camino Del Rio?

Camino Del Rio is in the pre-construction phase, with both lots and homes for sale. Model homes are open for tours.  For more information about how to purchase a home in Camino Del Rio, click here.